Opening a Medi-Spa: Furniture & Equipment Make the Difference  
Medical Spas are an appealing way for physicians to expand their medical practices while increasing private pay revenue. According to Spa Finders, Inc., the first medical spa opened in a hospital in 2000 and there are now over 600 of them in this country. Medical spas are said to be the fastest growing segment in the industry, according to the International Spa Association (ISPA). The International Medical Spa Society says that people spend an average of $720 per visit to a Medical Spa versus $150 spent by those who visit a traditional day spa. Many Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists and even OB/GYN physicians have begun adding Medical Spa services to their repertoire because these services are the perfect complement to the care delivered in their primary practices. They also help grow sources of revenue from both existing patients, as well as new clients who may also become patients. The key in a Medical Spa is that the experience is not just about clinical expertise. Luxury plays a very important role. When someone visits a Medical Spa for an extravagant treatment, they want– and will pay for – a luxurious experience that meets their expectations. This means that their surroundings and, in particular, the equipment on which they are positioned must convey a sense of luxury. Equipment tends to be sparse and clinical in appearance. A visit to a Medical Spa must be Luxurious in every way… from furniture and equipment, to a décor that is both soothing and opulent, to the staff who will assure the client an unforgettable experience. Selecting the right positioning equipment, like tables and chairs, is far more than an economic decision. Making the right choices will have a positive effect on both your medical Spa’s efficiency and esthetics, which will result in a growing and highly profitable clientele. Here are some factors to keep in mind before making your investment: Is it versatile? Your equipment should work for you in more ways than one. If it can be configured for a variety of procedures, this will help streamline client and staff flow through your Medical Spa, thus maximizing the use of space. Versatile equipment ensures that any treatment can be done in any room, which leads to enhanced revenue generation. Equipment with pre-set hand controls will ensure consistently correct client positioning while reducing set-up time (which your therapists will love you for!) Does it say “Luxury?” The success of the clinical procedures combined with the overall “spa factor” of the experience will keep your clients coming back for more. Choosing comfortable, luxurious equipment that inspires a sense of pampering and serenity is a key factor in creating the kind of welcoming environment clients expect. Is it ergonomically designed for staff and clients? According to ISPA, one of the biggest problems that Medical Spa owners face is staff turnover. Not only is recruiting and training expensive, but one departing staff member can cost you thousands of dollars in business lost to spas that attract them. By creating a work environment that caters to the physical needs of your staff, you will take a big step towards improving retention. Look for equipment that has been designed to reduce physical stress brought on by various procedures. Choose furniture and equipment made by a company with a history of producing products that support the physical needs of therapists, estheticians and others while providing clients with a truly pleasurable experience.  Does the equipment support Risk Management efforts? Any equipment used in a physician’s office must support efforts to minimize liability. Selecting furniture and equipment that can handle the physical attributes and special needs of your clientele is extremely important. For example, if you serve elderly patients, appropriate height range will facilitate those patients to safely get on and off the table. Creating a successful Medical Spa to expand your services requires a focus not just on clinical protocol, but also on luxury. Remember to emphasize the “spa” aspect of the business while keeping your clients and therapists in mind at all times. Need more tips? Just reach out to our Pro Spa Services team!