Cremes, Gels, Lotions & Oils

  1. Bon Vital Massagearita Signature Massage Treatment

    Bon Vital Massagearita Signature Massage Treatment
    Bon Vital Massagearita
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  2. Multi-tasking Ingredients Help Maximize Treatment Benefits

    Multi-tasking Ingredients Help Maximize Treatment Benefits

    Once you’ve determined which formulas are right for your treatments, explore the ingredients. Look for nourishing formulas that repair and restore skin integrity, while helping to treat muscle pains and strains. Here are some of our customer’s favorites: Aloe: Promotes skin healing, minimizes scaring, helps moisturize even the driest, most irritated skin; helps lock in moisture and increase skin firmness. Arnica: Effective ingredient for treating overworked muscles, minimizing bruising, and reducing pain and inflammation. Avocado: Promotes skin softening with its intensely moisturizing properties. Also known to help increase collagen levels, reduce skin spots, and protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Coconut: Its high emollient properties result in softer, smoother skin. The oil is also known to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, as well as treating burns, scrapes, itchy skin and even acne. It can also help reduce muscle inflammation and joint pain. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10): This enzyme is naturally produced in the skin, but levels decrease during the aging process. This powerful antioxidant is an essential component of the most powerful anti-aging facial creams because it helps increase collagen and elastin production. Grapeseed: This oil is full of skin-loving antioxidants to help protect skin from free radicals, while helping to even out skin tone. It also contains fatty acids, which are easily absorbed in the skin, leaving your guests with a more hydrated, glowing look to their skin. Jojoba: An extremely versatile oil that quickly penetrates skin, keeping it soft and supple, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks and fading scars. It is also an ideal choice for clients with sensitive skin, or skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Olive Oil: This oil is chockfull

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  3. Taking the Mystery out of Massage Products: How to Choose the Best Formula for Your Practice

    Taking the Mystery out of Massage Products: How to Choose the Best Formula for Your Practice
    One of the most prevalent motivators among the massage, esthetics and bodywork graduates I have met is the desire to work in an environment where they have the opportunity to heal others through touch. But the art of healing requires more than a pair of skilled hands (or in the case of some modalities- feet). It actually starts right at the basics- the moment where you have to decide which product or products you would like to use during your service. The right products can help you turn a good spa service into a memorable experience your clients will return for as often as they can. The key lies in knowing where to start. Choosing the Right Formulation Let’s start with the basics: Should you choose a lotion, oil, cream or a gel formula? First determine what kind of service you will be performing, which will determine what level of “glide” or “slip” you need to perform your strokes. Oil formulas will provide you with excellent glide, allowing you to cover large areas without having to reapply multiple times during the service. They can be highly moisturizing, but be mindful that some clients may prefer formulas that feel a bit lighter on the skin. Some oils can leave a light layer on your client’s skin post treatment, so be aware of how much you use during the service. A little goes a long way. While searching, also look for water dispersible formulas, which can be easily washed out of your linens. Looking for something a bit lighter in texture? Try a lotion, which has a lighter feel than oil and absorbs quicker into the skin. These formulas are great for services that require slightly deeper bodywork; however, the lighter texture may result in a few more applications during your service. Creams are very popular formulas because they are ultra rich and usually very nourishing, while giving you better glide than lighter lotion formulas. Be
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