Massages at work?? WOW!
Massages at work?? WOW! After launching the new service last month, Incorporate Massage is already operating under contract for three corporate spas with Fortune 500 organizations. And the company has plans to open two more within the next two months. "The fact that we work better when we feel better is well documented," says Incorporate Massage founder and CEO Amelia Wilcox. "So are the benefits of massage. We're finding that day spa services are very effective when it comes to lowering stress and increasing productivity." Geared towards larger corporations, Incorporate Massage's new onsite spa service brings the benefits of 60 to 90-minute full body massages, facials, and hot stone treatments directly to offices, complete with aromatherapy, and performed by licensed massage therapists and estheticians. According to Wilcox, the pricing structure for the new service, called Renewal Spa, is extremely cost effective, especially for companies used to bringing massage services onsite to help their employees remain productive. Each company only pays a small set-up fee, while employees easily pay for their own treatments. Plus, the service isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the size of each site, spas can range from a single, basic room to a high-end full-service solution, and Incorporate Massage can match the company's budget and goals. "The corporate spa solution is a win-win for both employee and corporations. Companies are learning that the more solutions they can bring onsite for employees, the higher their employee retention rates are," says Wilcox. "This is much more than an office perk. We're saving people time and money, and we're helping companies create a better work environment." Bringing massage to offices in new, innovative ways, is nothing new to the Salt Lake City-based company. Incorporate Massage has grown exponentially every year since inception in 2010, and the company prides itself on taking a cutting-edge approach to office massage. Incorporate Massage's traditional 15-minute chair massages are performed by therapists who benefit from in-house training, education and benefits. Over the past 7 years the company has built an award-winning culture and nationally recognized services as it has expanded across the nation. About Incorporate Massage Formed in 2010, the company is dedicated to delivering long-term health to employees and financial benefits to organizations through a dedicated team of professional, licensed therapists. VIA: ©2016 PR Newswire & News Channel 10