Market Your Spa to Attract Male Clients
Courtesy of Karen Raasch from Continuum Pedicure Spas Look at today’s most successful spas and you will find that personal grooming, relaxation and luxury are not limited to female guests. Salon and spa services for men are the fastest growing segment in the salon industry. So how do you tap into the testosterone market and keep them coming back for more? The trick is learning how to market your spa to suit their needs. If men feel comfortable in your spa, they are more likely to become repeat customers rather than one-time visitors. Begin by critiquing your spa through the eyes of male customers. Examine its overall customer experience through amenities, reading material, treatment options and promotional brochures and emails. Amenities include robes, slippers, toiletries, beverages and offerings other than specific spa treatments. Ask yourself if the bathrobes and slippers are big enough to accommodate male visitors. Do you offer a variety of scents that would appeal to men? Do you offer beverages that they may enjoy such as beer or wine, in addition to coffee and herbal tea? Is your décor gender neutral or overtly feminine? Do your reading materials represent a variety of interests and niches? Next, make it a point to dedicate an area in your spa that’s for men- only. If private rooms are not an option, a stylish divider between service stations can add privacy and will help men feel at ease. Men’s locker rooms tend to be an afterthought at spas, said Lisa Starr, spa business consultant and educator at Wynne Business, as quoted in Day Spa Magazine. Hammer & Nails in West Hollywood took male amenities to the next level in creating the ultimate man cave for clients. This includes large leather chairs, personal TV stations and complimentary beer or Scotch. The rugged environment helps keep men from feeling like a “fish out of water,” said owner Michael Elliott to ABC news. Treatment options should also be male specific. Many industry leaders recommend creating a male-only treatment menu to show your dedication to serving males’ needs. Paradise Men’s Spa in New York is worth checking out for male-centric inspiration. Its treatments focus on skin exfoliation, hydration, callous removal and other problem areas typical to male grooming. Pedicure spas can also add the right ambiance to the male environment. Choose rich upholstery colors such as chocolate or coffee, and dark walnut, cherry wood or mahogany base colors. Comfort is very important. Continuum Pedicure Spa’s thrones have large seat bottoms, and arms that swing up for easy entry and exit. The Maestro pedicure spa offers plenty of room for clients who have a larger body frame and it features an extra-large basin that holds almost six (6) gallons of water. Here are more tips to help you market your business to male clients: - Categorize your client database by gender and age to send strategic promotional emails based on client interest. - Have staff members make courtesy calls or emails to remind male guests of their pending appointment and always suggest a follow up appointment to encourage client retention. - Treatment options should be explained in easily understood phrases as some men may not be familiar with spa terminology. - Like women, men have reasons for wanting to escape to a spa. Ask your male client what brought them in and pay attention to their answer. Their response will help you understand what is important to your male guests in order to meet their needs.