How to Use Social Media to Build Your Customer Base
Courtesy of Karen Raasch from Continuum Pedicure Spas There is no shortage of ways to expand your business through online marketing, but more and more spas and salons are finding success through social media to expand their client base. Using social media doesn’t mean neglecting promotions you advertise in print. It is simply a way to establish your brand identity online, encourage your staff to become brand advocates and advertise products, news briefs, services and online promotions in a shareable format. The advantage of social media is that, if shared, your business will grow through peer recommendations. Word of mouth is trusted among consumers, especially if they are hearing tips from friends. Here are ways to use social media for your salon and spa. 1. Involve your staff members in your decision to promote business through social media. Staff can not only help share deals through their personal profiles but can also connect with clients and respond to customer service requests. This is how staff can become brand advocates. To increase staff camaraderie and client interest, advertise staff additions or salon accolades and awards. 2. Mediate posted content and photography to maintain professionalism. If need be, create a social media “culture” guideline to help staff stay consistent with salon and spa etiquette. Highlight salon and spa aesthetic, environment and quality. Take advantage of images’ high share rate on social platforms by posting snapshots of your salon’s unique interior, nail art, pedicure, facial treatments and other services. This will create a virtual look-book for clients to browse when considering booking an appointment with you. Run online-only specials through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Examples include: “Like our page on Facebook and share this status on your newsfeed to receive 10 percent off a treatment of your choice.” Kohler Waters Spa posted this exclusive status to their Facebook followers: “For your eyes only!! 10% off Hydrotherapy Treatments from December 10th to 13th. Just quote ‘Christmas’. to book please contact our Resort Reservations Team at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1334 474371”
    3. Claim your business. Consumers have the power to create business listings online. Verify your credibility by claiming your salon/spa online: Set up a Facebook page. Create a Twitter account. Claim your business on, add it to Yahoo’s listings and Google maps. Then encourage customers to add their review. 4. Follow salons and spas using social media well. Search your competitors. Mimic their posting style to get a feel for what works and what your customers respond well to. Here are Facebook pages for Mii Amo in Arizona, Kohler Water Spa in Wisconsin and Waldorf Astoria in Illinois to get you started. 5. Stay organized and simple by posting quality content on a daily or weekly basis. Don’t try to over commit to too many social accounts. Choose the most strategic platform for your business and use it efficiently.