How to Differentiate Your Spa from the Competition
Courtesy of Karen Raasch from Continuum Pedicure Spas Coming into the spa industry as a business owner can have its challenges. First there is the need to have a business strategy. Are you offering something distinguished from competitors? What sets your salon and spa apart from others? Then there is the need to keep up with evolving spa trends. New product lines, services and techniques are dime a dozen. How will you integrate fashion fads into your business without veering from your vision and mission? Ask yourself questions like these when learning how to differentiate your business. 1. Do you understand your spa’s identity? From décor to product lines and services, your spa has strengths that are unique to your business. Consider the specialties of your staff compared to other establishments in the area. What do you do well and differently? What are your specialties? Promote and master this niche first before expanding upon your skills and services. 2. Do you know your spa’s story? Practice telling the story of how your spa came to be and why it is special, in a concise and engaging way. Share your long term vision for the spa in the community. Will you partner with health practitioners, nutritionists or a non-profit organization? Also provide information about the origins of your treatments and the products you use—especially if they are local. If your salon has salon equipment and products that are Eco-Friendly, point out that your salon practices are saving resources as noted by your selection of products and equipment. 3. Have you identified your market? Every spa attracts a different kind of customer. Who is your targeted client? A successful spa will not only meet its customers’ needs but also exceed them and provide an experience they cannot receive elsewhere. Design your décor, service menu, retail offerings and environment accordingly. 4. Are you on the Internet? Creating a brand presence online can build your customer base with social media and connect you with your customer. You can also notice how competitors are engaging with audiences and take note of their online specials. 5. Are you consistent to your vision? As previously mentioned, spa trends are always evolving. Be weary of implementing something new just because it’s new. Explore trends first before incorporating them into your business model. First and foremost, stay true to your business’s vision and theme. That being said, you don’t want to be caught as the only salon without shellac polish or nail stilettos. By constantly defining and refining your business, you will stay fresh and relevant in the community. Of course, always be authentic and qualified to offer what you advertise. Only promise what you can deliver, be it discount packages, free snacks and drinks, a bridal pedicure party discount or other specials. Promise less, provide more.