Armaid Therapist Self Care Deep Tissue Massage Tool

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Armaid Therapist Self-Care Deep Tissue Massage Tool

Fundamentally, the Armaid is a lever that lets you apply the trigger point therapy technique effectively. It can help you prevent and recover from maladies such as Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Tendinitis, and De Quervain's syndrome.

So, how does it work? The Armaid has three basic parts: A non-skid base, a large arm with a stationary permanent roller, and an adjustable small arm that holds the interchangeable therapy roller attachments.

The non-skid base stabilizes the tool, usually on your leg, but could be on a tabletop, wall, or flat surface. The large arm comfortably supports the muscle you are working on during therapy. The smaller, adjustable arm holds the therapy roller, the real workhorse for applying trigger point therapy.

With the Armaid you’ll be building a committed relationship to recovery. So don’t rush your therapy - start slow and listen for feedback from your body.


  • 1 Armaid Unit
  • 1 White Roller (comes installed in the unit)
  • 1 Band Fastener
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Client Counseling & Support(email [email protected])



  1. While seated place the tool on the thigh of the same side of your body as the arm you want to massage.  Position the tool so that the “therapy roller” (*White, Grey, Black or Orange) is on the side of your arm that you want to massage (interior or exterior).
  2. From your thigh, adjust the angle of Armaid to 45 degrees.  Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed.
  3. Adjust the position of Armaid's "therapy arm" (the one with the therapy roller) with the adjustable cam, near the base, to fit the size of your arm.
  4. With your arm between the supportive Permanent Black Roller, on one side, and the therapy roller on the other side, hold the two top handles with your free hand.  Move the arm between the Permanent Roller and the therapy roller until you locate a sore, tender, spot on your arm.
  5. Squeeze together the handles at the top of the device, this puts pressure on that sore spot, now slowly rotate your hand at the wrist.  These two moves done at the same time will deepen the pressure of the roller on the spot.  This action relieves tension! 

Please Note:

  • Additional attachments not included ( Orange Roller, Yellow Roller, Gray Roller, and Black Roller) Sold separately.


With the Armaid Pain Guide, you can understand how to use pain to locate and guide your recovery.

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