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Oils, Creams, Gels & Lotions
Chairs, Tables & Equipment

Chairs, Tables & Equipment

  • Hot Towel Warmers

    Hot Towel Warmers, Hot Towel Cabinets, Towel Warmers and Supplies

    A warm, moist or dry towel is a welcome treat for every client. Whether used in body care, esthetic services or in salon services, these hard working cabinets are a must have. Hot Towel Cabinets, Towel Warmers and Supplies.

  • Stools, Trolleys & Carts

    Stools, Trolleys and Carts

    One of the largest complaints coming from frequent spa goers is the "hands off time" during a treatment. Also, Treatment rooms with cluttered immobile service trolleys and carts can be an eye-sore and dangerous. Keep your tools close and your hands working on the client productively. These streamlined carts, trolleys and stools have been developed with design, functionality and ergonomics in mind. Don't overlook these items that can help significantly with your overall productivity.

  • Dispensary

    Dispensary Supplies & Equipment

    Looking for autoclaves, sterilizers, hot towel cabinets and more? Look no further Bodyworkmall has all of the top brands that you are seeking.

  • Stone Therapy

    Stone Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Cold Stone Therapy

    Hot stone massage therapy promotes deep muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body. The direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the massage therapist to access deeper muscle layers and enhancing the effectiveness of deep tissue massage. Hot stone treatment also improves circulation and blood flow within the body, reduces pain and discomfort during the massage, alleviates stress, enhances mental clarity, and regulates symptoms associated with painful conditions such as arthritis.

    Bodyworkmall offers a wide range of hot stone massage products ranging from basalt massage stones to fully appointed hot stone massage kits at the lowest prices guaranteed.

    A cold stone massage is perfect for the coolness and invigoration that they seek. Athletes who have sustained injuries can also benefit from a cold stone massage. Cold marble stones are used in conjunction with hot stones during contrast therapy. Select from many shapes and sizes.

  • Steamers & Magnifying Lamps

    Steamers and Magnifying Lamps

    We've got all the equipment your Spa needs to provide the most exquisite skin care treatments. Steamers and Vaporizers are must-have items in any facial treatment room. The warmth from the steam helps to detoxify the skin, softening plugs in pores for easy removal of dirt, blackheads and dead skin debris. Steam permits deep cleansing, delivers oxygen, water, and valuable nutrients. It also helps to increase circulation, allowing the skin to look refreshed and youthful. This encourages re-hydration and rejuvenation to the outer layers of skin. Magnifying lamps, also known as "loupes", allow the esthetician to clearly see the skin in detail, including all the things that are masked by makeup or are too small for the eye to easily see. When selecting a magnifying lamp make sure to understand what diopter lens you should choose. Diopter refers to the curvature of a lens. As the diopter increases, the lens becomes thicker and the curvature greater. As the curvature increases, light rays are redirected to fill a greater portion of the viewer's retina, which makes the object look bigger. The higher the diopter, the more magnification the lens provides. Lighted magnifiers reduce eye strain and fatigue while allowing the user to see the small details of the object being viewed, which allows for a better treatment solution and results for the client.

  • Retail & Boutique

    Retail and Boutique Supplies and Equipment

    Take a look at these customizable solutions to meet your client's needs and budget.

Massage Supplies
Spa, Salon, Esthethic Supplies

Spa, Salon, Esthethic Supplies

  • Protection & Disposable Undergarments

    Protection & Disposable Undergarments

    Protect yourself from blood borne illness with key supplies including gloves, sharp safe containers and masks. Keep your clients soft, warm and comfortable while respecting their desire for modesty. Choose from wraps, robes and slippers in a variety of fabrics, styles and sizes.

  • Manicure-Pedicure

    Manicure Supplies, Manicure Equipment, Pedicure Supplies, Pedicure Equipment

    While the industry is moving away from piped pedicure units and more towards water oscillation, many other upgraded features and finish selections are available to truly customize your unit, from solid surface tops and bowls, finish selections, retractable footrests and recline features. Make sure to consider your plumbing and electrical requirements with each new unit. The Manicure industry has always been a social event and the industries top designers around the globe are creating ergonomic and functional equipment with sleek clean designs be a talking point for all your clientele. Current legislation in some states is requiring ventilation coding to be followed so please speak with local city officials for clarification.



Spa Treatment Supplies

Spa Treatment Supplies

  • Muds & Body Wraps

    Muds and Body Wraps

    We carry only the finest brands of muds and wraps. Lotus Touch’s botanical mud contains a blend of kaolin clay, lavender, chamomile, and rose petal powder to draw out impurities, cleanse, calm and nourish the skin. Biotone’s crème-based muds are formulated to firm, tone and detoxify with natural sun-dried rose clay from the Provence region of France, active seaweed varieties, and Organic silts from fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe. Alpha-hydroxyl and amino acids combine to leave skin radiant and soft, while seaweed actives firm and strengthen skin tone. Amber’s classic massage style mud & algae masques are packed with beneficial nutrients that penetrate deeply into skin to flush toxins and leave skin feeling nourished. Choose from French Red Clay, Dead Sea Mud with Chamomile, Seaweed and French Green Clay, Marine Algae and Garden Algae with Mint.

  • Butters, Creams & Lotions

    Butters, Crèmes, and Lotions

    Body Butters, crèmes, and lotions from the most popular brands including Biotone, Bon Vital, and Soothing Touch. We carry all the body butters, crèmes and lotions you need at the lowest prices!