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Body Support Systems Positioning Cushions & Bolsters for Massage

One important aspect of massage that can be easy to overlook is the proper positioning of the person receiving the massage. Bodycushion Massage cushions helps you support your client in the correct position for you to offer the optimal massage. Read More Read Less

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12 Items

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  1. bodyCushion 3 Piece System Body Cushion 3 Piece System
  2. bodyCushion Face Cradle Body Cushion Face Cradle
  3. bodyCushion Leg Support Body Cushion Leg Support
    $109.00 - $139.00
  4. bodyCushion™ Adjusters Set of 5 bodyCushion™ Adjusters Set of 5
  5. bodyCushion 4 Piece System bodyCushion™ 4 Piece Body Positioning System
    $549.00 - $579.00
  6. bodyCushion Face Support No Base Body Cushion Face Support No Base
  7. Body Cushion Adjuster bodyCushion™ Adjuster Caddy Set
  8. bodyCushion Pro System bodyCushion Pro System
    $879.00 - $909.00
  9. Body Cushion Full Pro+ System bodyCushion™ Full Pro Plus Body Positioning System
  10. Body Cushion Extenders (Set Of 4) Body Cushion Extenders (Set Of 4)
  11. bodyCushion Breast Protector System bodyCushion™ breastProtector
  12. bodyCushion Full Pro System bodyCushion™ Full Pro System

12 Items

Set Descending Direction
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