Satin Smooth Tea Tree Wax
Satin Smooth Tea Tree Wax
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Satin Smooth Tea Tree Wax
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A rich and fragrant depilatory wax infused with naturally calming tea tree and eucalyptus oils that penetrates the pores to relax and open up hair follicles. Designed to comfortably remove medium to coarse hair from even the most sensitive areas, Satin Smooth® Tea Tree wax can be used on all types of skin. Formulated with titanium dioxide, a natural buffer that eliminates the need for talcum powder, and propolis, a natural botanical substance that protects your client’s skin.

  • Made with 100% natural oil
  • All-purpose wax can be used on any skin type
  • Known since antiquity for its therapeutic properties, tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that calms and repairs sensitive skin, making it ideal for sensitive areas

    Usage Tips

    1. Remove plastic lid; slide protective collar onto wax container and place container in warmer.
    2. Heat wax until it has a thin, syrup-like texture.
    3. Cleanse area to be waxed with Satin Smooth® Satin Cleanser® Skin Preparation Cleanser.
    4. With wooden spatula, apply a thin layer of wax to skin in the direction of hair growth. Place epilating strip over waxed area; smooth firmly in the direction of hair growth.
    5. Hold skin taut. Pull epilating strip quickly in opposite direction of hair growth, keeping epilating strip close to skin. Never reapply wax in the same area.
    6. After area has been completely waxed, apply Satin Smooth® Satin Release® to remove any wax residue on skin surface.
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    Your Price $14.99