Onyx Medical, Inc. HydroPlane™ Infusion System

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Onyx Medical, Inc. HydroPlane™ Infusion System (Liquid Hydrogen Exfoliation)

The exciting new HydroPlane Infusion System is used to perform a liquid microdermasion with diamond crystal free tips that infuse a serum spray as you exfoliate. One of the serums used is a Liquid Hydrogen in Dead Sea Salt water. Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant. Hydrogen atoms being the smallest molecule size, penetrate deeply and thoroughly into tissue. Hydrogen has the ability to neutralize free radicals, which is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging.

HydroPlane’s patent pending technology uses diamond exfoliating tips with holes in the center of the exfoliating tip. As you exfoliate a pressurized serum spray is directed onto the exfoliated tissue. Your purchase includes a 32 oz bottle of liquid Hydrogen in Dead Sea Salt water serum and an Organic Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid Serum for calming and hydration. You can use any serum that is water based and not viscous.

The HydroPlane comes with a second hand piece featuring a .25 mm disposable micro roller tip, that delivers a fractional infusion of serum as you micro roll.  The system has a 2 year warranty.  

HydroPlane is an elegant addition to exfoliation options. You have crystal free microdermabrasion with serum infusion as you exfoliate at reasonable pricing and exceptional technology. Compare the HydroPlane Infusion System to competitors costing thousands of dollars more, some at more than double the price of the HydroPlace. I think you will find the features and advantages of the HydroPlane is a strong value and excellent technology.
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