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Onyx Medical, Inc C-LED System

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Onyx Medical, Inc C-LED System

The C-The Light LED system is unparalleled in its energy output and priced well below its nearest competitors who can’t match the output parameters.

C-The Light is a 3 panel system delivering a total of 570 Watts (570,000 mwatts) of Red (640 nm) and InfraRed (940 nm). Full technical specs are attached. 570 Watts of red and infrared light is enough energy to achieve many different results. The C-The Light system features an articulating arm coming off a tower control box with touch screen. The entire system is on wheels for easy moving from room to room. A simple touch screen panel allows the user to choose the treatment program of choice. The software automatically adjusts the power output for each wavelength of the treatment chosen. A timer will provide hands off for the practitioner once the panels are adjusted as desired.

Treatments addressing body sculpting, anti-aging skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, hair growth and pain relief can be addressed due to the strength of the treatments available.

The C-Light is made in the U.S. and your purchase comes with a 1 year warranty.
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