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Keyano Aromatics Aromatherapy Massage Oils Try Me Kit

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Set of 5 oils, 2 oz each, in the following scents: • Aches & Pain • Lavender • Serenity • Electricity • Tranquility

Keyano Aromatics Aromatherapy Massage Oil Try Me Set

Differentiate your massage from the competition. Allow clients to select the Keyano Aromatherapy Massage Oil they would like used during their treatment and send them home with the remaining oil. The Trial Kit features a set of (5) 2 oz massage oils.


  • Aches & Pains Aromatherapy: Used to soothe sore muscles and help relieve pain. 
  • Lavender Aromatherapy: A balancing aroma for relaxation. 
  • Electricity Aromatherapy: Used for increased energy and vitality. 
  • Serenity Aromatherapy: For sedation and relaxation. 
  • Tranquility Aromatherapy: Designed to combat stress and relieve tension.


  • Use caution when laundering linens that have been exposed to oils. Oil products are potentially combustible when exposed to heat in the dryer. Consult dryer manufacturer’s guidelines for drying linens that have been exposed to oils.
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