Cirépil® by Perron Rigot Boudoir Non Strip Wax

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Cirépil® by Perron Rigot Boudoir Non Strip Wax

This new wax from Cirépil is hypoallergenic ultra smooth and Rosin free. Comfortable application temperature. Ideal for sensitive and fragile skin. Perfect tattoo after care and lifetime maintenance. Ideal for tattoo preparation. Benefits - Hair grows in fine and sparse. Brighten dull tattoos. Leaves behind beautiful skin! Dermatologically tested. 1.8 lb bag(800g)


  1. Melt the wax in a wax heater until it is a creamy texture.
  2. Check the temperature by testing the wax on your wrist and then on your client’s wrist.
  3. Prepare the area for waxing with Cirépil® by Perron Rigot pre and post-waxing products. Apply a drop of Cirépil® by Perron Rigot Pre Depilatory Oil.
  4. Use a disposable wooden spatula to apply the wax in a thin layer.
  5. Remove the strip in the opposite direction.
  6. After waxing, apply the Cirépil® by Perron Rigot Post Refreshing Gel.

Please Note:

  • Do not use on damaged skin.
  • Do not wax over tattoo until it has healed completely.
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