Earthlite Ellora VISTA ELECTRIC SALON Massage Table
Earthlite Ellora VISTA ELECTRIC SALON Massage Table
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Earthlite Ellora VISTA ELECTRIC SALON Massage Table
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What happens when function and design meet in a perfectly central spot? The Earthlite Ellora Vista™ Electric Salon happens. With a curved steel frame, an exceptionally powerful Swiss-made electric lift actuator, on-demand height adjustments, and a stunningly upholstered salon top, the Ellora Vista™ Electric Salon brings the perfect balance of power and grace to the luxury treatment table. Shown with optional Neck Roll (not included).

Comfortable. Powerful. Reliable.
• Fully Articulating Electric Salon Top
• Hand and Foot Controls
• Curved Steel Frame
• Pro-Plush™ Deluxe 3-Layer, 3” Cushioning
• Sumptuous, Durable Natursoft™ Upholstery

• Heavy Duty Steel Frame
• Smooth, Reliable Motor
• Rounded Salon Corners• Pro-Plush 3” Deluxe Cushioning
• Natursoft™ Upholstery – 100% PU in 16 colors
• Ergonomic Hand and Foot Controls
• Wheels for ease of movement
• ADA Compliant
• Bariatric Rated

• Extra Foot Pedal
• Flex Arms, Neck Roll, and Head Pillow

• Width: 28”, 30”, 32”
• Length: 73”
• Height Range: 19” to 37”
• Knee Tilt: 9.6-second lift to 85 degrees
• Back Tilt: 9.6-second lift to 85 degrees
• CE Listed


Earthlite Upholstery Options

Earthlite Ellora Vista Sales Sheet

Ellora Vista Electric Salon

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Your Price $2,999.00
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