Massage Cremes

Whether you want superior hydration or glide we've got you covered

Creams are excellent for hydrating stressed winter skin, or repairing the skin of customers that have spent too much time in the sun. But hydration doesn’t stop with the body. We have specially formulated creams for the face, hands and feet. Our facial massage creams are specifically formulated for delicate skin on the face and décolleté, and are rich in anti-aging ingredients that firm, plump and reverse the signs of aging. Our popular massage creme brands have formulas that are ultra-rich and nourishing for the skin. Ingredients in our cremes include Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Jojoba. With these decadent formulas, a little goes a long way. Simply pump or scoop some of your favorite cream into an 8oz bottle to store in a holster, or keep some cream on-hand in a rubber bowl for each service. Cremes can be scented if desired using a few drops of your favorite essential oil!