BIOTONE Advanced Therapy Massage

Spreads easily with up to 25% more coverage than other creams

Biotone’s Advanced Therapy massage lotion is perfect for the manipulation of skin and muscle due to its glide and easy workability. Because of its unique formula, the lotion requires less reapplications – if any at all – while still providing a deep penetration of the skin. This lotion will leave your patients relaxed, and with a pleasant and non-greasy finish. The creme combines the easy glide of an oil and the light absorption of lotion, offering higher friction with less glide. Perfect for longer massage sessions. The light texture of the gel formula spreads easily over skin, while offering up to 25% more coverage than oils, so you use much less. The Advanced Therapy family of products contains Apricot, Sesame and Coconut oils, as well as Grape seed extract.

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