Treatment Room Equipment

Enhance your service menu with specialty equipment for face & body, including microderm, high frequency and more!

There's a lot at stake when you consider the importance of the equipment you choose. Consider the following:

Floorplan - you need to have accurate measurements of your workspace to help you make smart choices when it comes to what you’ll be buying. Carefully measure each area where equipment will be placed and note the ideal dimensions you’ll need. Having this plan in hand when you start your equipment shopping can help you narrow down your choices and prevent costly mistakes.

Quality over Price - a seemingly good deal on a piece of equipment is no deal at all if it frequently breaks down or doesn’t serve your operational needs. Of course, price is important in deciding what to purchase, the greater focus should be on quality and value.

Warranty - be sure to ask about the warranty. Where is the product manufactured? How long is the warranty in effect? What does the warranty cover… parts…labor? Are replacement parts readily available? What does the maintenance plan look like?

Work with experts - full service distributors make their name by providing superb, personal service to their customers. They have extensive knowledge and access to multiple manufacturers’ products. They have a wide array of equipment to propose. Full service distributors are in the business of developing relationships with their customers and keeping them. For more information and design services, please contact your ProSpa Service Specialist at 866.717.6753

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