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The quality of light is fundamental in any spa or professional massage therapy setting. There are enough demands and distractions so straining to see should not be one of them. Seeing should be effortless and automatic. The first step in selecting your lighting is to define the purpose of the space and the treatments to be conducted in the room. Each space will require a different type of light or at the very least, a different light level. Treatment room task lights can be mounted directly into a mobile cart, counter or tabletop, wall, or free standing in their own mobile base. Our posture and tasks also change during the day. If we have windows, light in the room changes from morning to evening. In response to these changing conditions, we need to adjust the lighting levels directed on our work in order to reduce eyestrain and fatigue. Getting the light right in each of your treatment rooms is imperative. Browse our assortment below to get started!

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