Stone Therapy

Traditional and modern technology for an age old treatment

Hot stone massage therapy is one of the most requested treatments in spas today. This therapy uses various kinds of cold and/or hot stones. It is used as an alternative therapy alleviating pain and treating illnesses or injuries and providing relief from muscle spasms. Most therapists use a combination of a Swedish massage with heat and pressure provided by warm basalt stones. Things to keep in mind: Know your client. Is your client suffering from any injuries, dealing with chronic tension, taking any medication or plan to have any other treatments? Keep in mind that the client’s health not only dictates the temperature of the stones, but also how long heated (or chilled) stones can be offered to a client’s body. Check in with your client often , and don't forget to make sure your client is properly hydrated . Another consideration is to only heat stones in a professional massage stone heater. Microwaves, slow cookers and other similar devices are never appropriate places to heat massage stones. Generally, water between 110–130 F will get your stones to the proper temperature. Using stones during a massage can be very effective in reducing congestion and inflammation in isolated areas and provide long lasting results for your client.

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