Stationary Massage Tables

Stationary Massage Tables: The foundation of your treatment and your practice

When you are making a Stationary Treatment Table purchase, you'll want one that satisfies all of the needs of the people who experience it: client, therapist, business owner, and even the maintenance team. Comfort is paramount, as well as safety in mounting and dismounting the table, and an appealing design that complements your treatment room . Great padding ensures both comfort for the client and good access for the therapist. Consider a table with an electric lift: Remember, therapists have a physically challenging job. An electric lift table allows therapists of different sizes to walk into any room and quickly adjust it for their height and style of work to ensure good ergonomics, essential for workplace safety and productivity. Allowing change in height during the session enables the therapist to sit, stand, and apply appropriate pressure for any size client without strain. On-command height adjustment allow customization based on client expectations and feedback during a session. Flexibility and versatility are key in optimizing room use. A table that has a salon top insures that the room can be used for many types of treatments. Assisted lift tables insure that every therapist can work more comfortably, preventing injury and staff turnover.

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