Massage Chairs

Portable massage chairs that make your mobile practice a reality

Portable massage chairs are used by mobile massage therapists and are an excellent way to grow your client base. Chair massage is fantastic introduction to the wider world of bodywork. You already know the benefits of massage, why not share it on-the-go! These chairs are lightweight and allow the therapist to easily provide the benefits of massage at any venue. Seated massage reduces stress, boosts mental focus, promotes deep breathing, alleviates headaches, neck pain and lower back strain caused by spending hours sitting in the same position or hunching over computers. Seated massage also improves sleep, boosts circulation and relieves stretched and swollen muscles.

The comfort of the chair for the practitioner and the client is essential. The chair must offer easy adjustability to allow you to tailor the chair to the practitioner's body with the release of a few locking cams. Select a chair with a design that allows you to put the client in a position that relieves tension before you start the service. Be sure that the face rest is fully adjustable and does not put undo pressure on the sinus areas. The pads of the these chairs take a lot of abuse, so they must be replaceable and contain a long lasting, high density, quality foam and durable upholstery. The unique design of portable massage chairs allow the therapist to easily access areas on the body such as the back, neck and shoulders. For more information please contact your Pro Spa Services Specialist at 866.717.6753.