At Peace Media Reflexology Volume 1 - The Feet DVD
At Peace Media Reflexology Volume 1 - The Feet DVD
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At Peace Media Reflexology Volume 1 - The Feet DVD
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Every year, more and more people appreciate the value of reflexology as an effective tool of touch that accesses the energy flow of the entire body through specific applied pressures. This video helps you develop both the skills and confidence to address the nerve rich areas of the feet and provides detailed
examples of thumb and finger articulations. Running time: 50 minutes

Consumers and healthcare practitioners alike are embracing reflexology as a valuable healing process and tried and true method of relaxation and stress-relief. This video shows you how to accesses energy flow within the body through “pressure sensors” on the hands and ears to aid health and stress-relief, prevent disease, reduce pain and improve the quality of life.
Running time: 50 minutes

Whether you are a beginner or experienced massage therapist, you can become more knowledgeable and confident about the nerve-rich areas of the feet. Rhonda Funes has been practicing and teaching reflexology for 15 years. In this video, she demonstrates basic and advanced reflexology techniques that anyone can use. Her mission is simple – to help you achieve maximum results from correct and easily applied reflexology techniques. This video includes the following:

• Foot to body reflex correspondences
• Specific thumb and finger articulations including the inchworm, c-hook, apostrophe and thumb walk
• Conducting a client “intake evaluation” or soliciting feedback to help assess different reflex area to better address chronic or immediate conditions including headaches, sciatic and back pain, stomachaches and pregnancy
• When, where and how to apply light vs. deep pressure
• How to sequence your reflexology session and handle transitions between the feet
• Recaps and reviews of key points and how to incorporate reflexology techniques into your massage practice
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