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Reasons why leasing is a good alternative to finance your equipment:

  1. Salon and Spa Leasing Convenience and ease. With leasing, we can approve the customer with a simple one page application. Leasing is quick and easy. Most customers will have an answer within 24 hours.

  2. Flexibility. By using lease financing, you have more flexibility with your payment structure. Whether its seasonal, deferred, or a step payment programs, leasing can fit your budget needs.

  3. No equipment deposits. Many manufacturers and distributors require a 50% deposit when placing your order. When leasing is used, there is no need for deposits. We will finance 100% of the equipment cost allowing you to maintain your cash for other expenses.

  4. Less risk. With leasing, the only collateral pledged is your equipment. A major asset (personal residence, building, car, business, etc.) is not pledged as collateral -- just the equipment. Note: Banks may lien major assets for business loans.

  5. Conserves Cash / Lines of Credit. Leasing does not require a large down payment which is normally a requirement for traditional financing. Note: With leasing, your cash outlay may be as little as 2-10% of the equipment cost. This allows you to maintain your line of credit or bank lines for other expenditures including merchandise purchases, payroll and other unexpected expenses.

  6. Tax advantages. Leasing offers the ability to write off your lease payments. Depending on your lease option, you may be able to deduct your entire lease payment as an expense. Consult with your accountant or tax advisor for more information.

Apply online for financing | Download faxable application form | Lease estimates

Our finance program is administered by Quest Resources. Quest Resources is the leading source of financing for beauty salons, day spas and tanning salons. Let Quest help you create the "Salon of Your Dreams."

For more information regarding Quest Resources, please visit

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