Taiji Standard Towel Warmer
Taiji Standard Towel Warmer
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Taiji Standard Towel Warmer
Product Details
  • Once turned on there are no dials to turn or buttons to push. Just open the door and grab a steaming hot towel.
  • Measures 17.9" X 12.6" X 11.4" and it looks great on any counter.
  • Heats towels to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and then maintains that temperature throughout the day.
  • This incredible warmer will hold about 100 10"x10" rolled towels.
  • Requires no maintenance and has no moving parts.
  • Warms both traditional cloth towels and disposable towels.
  • *The perfect companion for your cabi-ready Living Earth Crafts Spa Tables or Trolleys!

  Model:  HC-12UVe
Rated power:  AC 110-120V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption:  200W
Temperature control:  Electronic Control
Cabinet inside temp:  70-80 deg. C (158-176 deg. F)
Safety device:  Thermal fuse
Outside dimensions:  17.9" X 12.6" X 11.4" (height)
Inside dimensions:  14.5" X 8.4" X 6.7" (height)
Capacity:  100 10" x 10" rolled towels
Weight:  7.5 kgs
Sterilizing lamp:  Sterilizing UV Lamp GTL-2 2W
Accessories:  Basket and drain tray
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