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Garfield 101/186 Paragon Vaporizer and Magnifying Lamp Combo
Garfield 101/186 Paragon Vaporizer and Magnifying Lamp Combo
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The 101 Facial Steamer (also referred to as a vaporizer) is commonly used after cleansing to prepare the skin for treatment. The warm vapors help increase circulation and cell metabolism while loosening impurities on the skin's surface. A facial steamer is considered by many estheticians to be the most important piece of electric equipment used in the field of esthetics.

AT-1 Aromatherapy Nozzle
Easy to attach to the end of the steamer nozzle, this optional piece can be utilized for aromatic therapy.

186 5-Diopter Magnifying Lamp with Swinging Arm
Used for magnifying lamps, the Swinging Arm is both space and cost efficient and allows for a more convenient operation of equipment that can be used to attach the magnifying or infrared lamp to the 101 Facial Vaporizer.

  • Facial steamer
  • Aromatherapy nozzle (model #AT-1)
  • Magnifying lamp swing arm (model #210)
  • Safety Features: 30-minute timer and thermal fuse sensor burn guard



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