Oakworks Clinician Manual-Hydraulic Salon Top Spa Table
Oakworks Clinician Manual-Hydraulic Salon Top Spa Table
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Oakworks Clinician Manual-Hydraulic Salon Top Spa Table
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The Manual/Hydraulic Lift system is an easy and affordable way to make quick height adjustments without disturbing your client in the process. This hybrid system replaces the electric/hydraulic motor with a fold away crank handle that easily lifts or lowers your client to the desired height. This is a great choice where electricity is problematic. A convenient storage shelf comes standard and provides the perfect place for accessories, lotions, oils or anything you need close at hand. Upgrade to the optional cabinet allowing you to choose door designs to create exactly the look you want. The Lift Assist Salon Top uses four separate padded sections to create a variety of positioning options that assure that your clients are completely at ease, no matter the procedure. Gas cylinders and easy to reach finger controls; make configuring your table in any position almost effortless. The Lift Assist Salon Top features our patented access design, created to improve the ergonomics of the therapists while working in a seated position. Optional armrests are a smart choice for this top; giving the table the feel of a comfortable recliner and making your clients feel as relaxed in your office as they would in their own living room.

*Shown with Clay upholstery and Walnut stain. Optional upgrades: Cabinet with frosted acrylic one piece doors, Adjustable Side Arm Rests and Universal Table Extender
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Your Price $2,850.00
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