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Satin Smooth Honey Wax with Argan Oil
Satin Smooth Honey Wax with Argan Oil
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The combination of vitamin E and honey creates an all-purpose depilatory wax that’s good for skin and forms a natural buffer between wax and skin. Produced from natural pine resin and real beeswax, Honey Wax spreads thinly over large area of the body for exceptionally easy application. And that natural buffer makes it equally easy to remove. We recommend it for use on all parts of the body and any type of hair. Your clients will love it!

For use on all skin types. Natural wax based on pine resin and beeswax.

Formulated to spread thinly and easily over large body areas. Produced from natural pine resin and beeswax, it melts and cools quickly to pull more hair with no breakage. Works well on normal skin. Honey wax is the traditional way of removing hair.


  • Remove plastic lid, slide protective collar onto wax container, place container into warmer.
  • Heat wax until liquified.
  • Cleanse area to be epilated.
  • With wooden spatula, apply a thin layer of wax to skin in direction of hair growth.
  • Place epilating strip over waxed area, smooth firmly in direction of hair growth.
  • Hold skin taut. Pull epilating strip quickly in opposite direction of hair growth, keeping epilating strip close to skin. Do not reapply wax to epilated area.
  • Apply revitalizing lotion to waxed area to help moisturize and close pores.




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