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Garfield F-1 Paragon Skin Scanner
Garfield F-1 Paragon Skin Scanner
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The skin scanner is used by the esthetician to help analyze skin conditions. Different substances become luminous when exposed to the deep violet rays of the skin scanner. The skin scanner must be used in a totally dark room. The violet rays enable the esthetician to analyze the surface and deeper layers of the skin in order to determine proper treatment of various skin conditions.

The F-1 Skin Scanner is a very elaborate magnifying lamp using black light to analyze skin types and conditions. It has a one-way magnifying mirror allowing the esthetician to scan the client’s skin, while at the same time allowing the client to see the reflection in the magnifying mirror. From the results of the analysis, proper treatment can be diagnosed. To operate, simply turn the On/Off Switch, located in the front of the scanner to the “On” position. The client puts their head inside the scanner, while the esthetician views the client from looking into the viewer located outside the scanner. The enclosed color-coded chart enables the esthetician to properly determine the type of skin and begin treatment with confidence.



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