Living Earth Crafts Wave Lounger
Living Earth Crafts Wave Lounger
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Living Earth Crafts Wave Lounger
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Building on their reputation for unsurpassed comfort and serenity inducing designs, Living Earth Crafts brings a new line of ultra-loungers to the hotel and spa industries. LEC Wave loungers feature a sleek, zero gravity design with their renowned Strata™ memory cushioning system and a wide range of stylish handcrafted hardwood bases to choose from. Enhance the experience with a dimmable reading lamp and Acoustic Resonance Therapy. Use of eco-friendly materials and processes make the LEC Wave loungers an obvious choice. Product Description Relaxation and Guest Room Treatment Bed

Zero Gravity Wave Top – a striking S-curve, the Zero Gravity position is optimal for the circulatory system and eases back strain for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Luxurious Strata Memory Foam Cushioning System – wrapped in the buttery soft, yet eco-friendly Natursoft™ upholstery.

Stylish, Handcrafted Hardwood Bases – are individually crafted with eco-friendly renewable hardwoods and hand finished with water based stains and lacquers

Key Features:
• Strata 4" Memory Foam Cushioning System
• Naturasoft Upholstery in 16 color options

Optional Features:
• Ultraleather® Promessa upholstery
• Custom Wood Stains & Vinyls
• SO Sound Acoustic Resonance Therapy
• Dimable Reading Lamp
• FSC Certified Maple

• Width 31"
• Length: 73"
• Height Range 15" (at the lowest)
• Lifetime Limited Warranty
• ADA Compliant
CE Mark


Living Earth Crafts Lounger Collection Sales Sheet

Living Earth Crafts Upholstery Sheet

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Your Price $2,595.00
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