CND Vinylux

Deliver week-long wear with a brilliant shine

No time to cure with a lamp? No need with VINYLUX ®! VINYLUX Weekly Polish delivers week-long wear with a brilliant shine that lasts! The fast-drying formula is chip-resistant, and has increased durability with natural light. VINYLUX is available in over 100 fashion-inspired shades to change your look (or your client’s) as often as desired! It’s a simple 2-step application (VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat) base coat needed! Our customer’s favorite part is the removal. No soaking, foils or dreaded drills. Simply have your clients wash their hands with soap and water. Massage some COOLBLUE® into the skin to cleanse and prevent spreading of germs. Then saturate a plastic-backed, lint-free pad with CND ® SHELLAC ® Nourishing Remover. Hold the pad over the nail plate to gently dissolve the polish. Use firm pressure and a circular motion to lift the color off the nail. Then rub once again with a pad saturated in Nourishing Remover to remove any residue. And that is it! Just enjoy a long-wear, brilliant color that helps your clients reinvent themselves, weekly.

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