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Healers on Healing
Healers on Healing
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Healers on Healing


New Consciousness Reader
Richard Carlson - Author

Book: Paperback | 6.10 x 9.29in | 224 pages

In thirty-seven original essays written for this book, some of the world's leaders in healing explore their personal and professional experiences in order to uncover the underlying principles on which all healing rests. Rather than focusing on diverse techniques, the writers seek the "golden thread" that ties together the wide range of approaches to healing.

In simple, direct language, the contributors explore the complex nature of healing from many viewpoints. We hear from physicians, psychologists, nurses, metaphysical healers, and shamans.

Their topics include:
  • what healing really is and how it takes place
  • the power of the healer within
  • what to look for in a healer
  • the function of spirituality in healing
  • the dramatic effects of the healing relationship
  • the role of attitudes and emotions
  • love as a healing force
  • healing and death

The result is a grand synthesis of heartfelt thinking that offers a treasury of profound insights for people in the healing professions, people who seek to develop their own healing capacities, people who wish to benefit from healers, and anyone interested in the magical properties of human relationships.

This book asks many of the best and most well-known nontraditional healers to distill their thoughts to the primary factor each has found to be the basis of healing. In the heartwarming sections ahead, you will have the opportunity to savor the answers to the single question they were asked: What, in your experience, is the key element or golden thread that unites healing processes? The contributors set aside secondary thoughts to present their primary realizations in an original, never-before-published manuscript.

To see this material arranged in the form of an anthology is inspiring because it offers us the perspective of many people, which no single healer, however successful, can provide. We are no longer limited to the experience of the blind men examining different parts of the elephant, unable to sense what the whole animal is like. Instead, we get a rich, multidimensional picture of healing.

As a traditionally trained physician and a creative explorer of nontraditional healing modalities, I am in a unique position to critically appreciate what is presented here. Let me put it succinctly and poetically:

Anthology literally means a gathering of flowers. I am moved and inspired by the unique beauty of each flower that makes up this arrangement, and by the profound mystery to which the arrangement as a whole brings me. I am sure you will feel the same.

W. Brugh Joy, M.D., F.A.C



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