Living Earth Crafts Pedi Lounger
Living Earth Crafts Pedi Lounger
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Living Earth Crafts Pedi Lounger
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Quick Overview Comfortable, stylish and fabulously functional
Once clients indulge in the superior pampering of our Pedi Lounger™, don’t be surprised to find them making repeat appearances. Nothing compares to the luxurious softness of our 5-layer Strata™ Plus memory foam cushioning system and silky-smooth Natursoft™ upholstery. Add in its fully articulating, multi-sectional salon top for individualized positioning at the touch of a button and host of complementary accessories, and the Pedi Lounger is a therapist’s dream date, too.

Available with a custom matching Sanijet™ roll-up footbath, or a manual copper or resin pedicure bowl. Shown in Cocobala Dark Brown and with optional SaniJet Pedi Footbath Roll up. Product Description Multi-purpose pedicure and facial chair

Zero Gravity Comfort The Pedi-lounger adjusts to zero gravity, 5° facial, or upright positions at the touch of the ergonomic hand control.

Multi-Purpose Functionality Offer pedicures, manicures, facials, medi-spa treatments, all from one ultra-comfortable chair.

Flexible and Cost Effective
Compatible with either electric pipeless footbath technology or more traditional pedicure bowl options.

Relaxor option
Add the luxury of heat and vibration to enhance your client's experience for total relaxation.Our Relaxor not only delivers superior comfort for any clientele, but also the power of choice, with 6 vibration pods and 1 heating point that allow clients to adjust levels to suit any personal preference. Heat & Vibration operate separately for optimal customization.

Key Features:
• Fully-articulating, multi-sectioned salon top for optimal positioning
• 5-Layer Strata Plus™ memory foam cushioning system
• Silky smooth to the touch Natursoft™ upholstery
• PowerPort™ electrical outlet management so you can power other tools right from your own chair
• PivotPerfect™ armrests with built-in manicure bowls offer a close-to-the-body fit for clients, as well as smooth outward movement for easier hand massage, filing and polish access.

Optional Features:
• Ultraleather® Promessa upholstery
• Pedi Roll-up Footbath w/ SaniJet
• Pedi-Cart Roll-up w/ Copper Bowl
• Pedi Trolley
• Pedi-Stool
• Relaxor
• SoSound™ acoustic resonance therapy and music system

• Width 27"
• Length: 70"
• Set Height 24"
• Upright Dimensions: 27"W x 35"L
• Reclined Dimensions: 27"W x 70"L
• Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
• Lifetime Limited Warranty
• ADA Compliant
• CE Mark

Living Earth Crafts Upholstery Sheet

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Your Price $4,295.00
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