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Cnd Shellac Uv Lamp 110 V

Cnd Shellac Top Coat - .25 Oz

Cnd Solar Oil - .5 Oz

Cnd Scrub Fresh - 8 Oz

Bikini's Ind. Wraped 100ct

Cnd Cuticle Away

Cotton Round Nat 2" 80 Ct

Cnd Almond Hydrating Lotion - 8 Oz

Cotton Esthetic Wipe 4x4 200c

Cnd Shellac Base Coat - .25 Oz

Cnd Boomerang Padded File

Compressed Sponge Natural 75ct

Black Cherry & Nutmeg Hand & Body Lotion 8.3 Oz

Cotton Coil 4o Ft

Toolworx Slanted Tweezer

Cotton Rounds 2400 Ct

Compressed Sponge White 75ct

Cnd Cucumber Heel Therapy - 2.6 Oz

Cnd Cuticle Eraser - .5 Oz

Applicator Birchwood 3.5 100ct

Cnd Stickey Base Coat 2.3 Fl Oz

Cnd Cuticle Eraser - 1.75 Oz

Cnd Shellac Tropix - .25 Oz

Cotton Balls Bulk 1500 Ct

Cotton Balls Large 100 Ct

Clear Acrylics Powder 3.7oz

Cnd Shellac Cream Puff - .25 Oz

Fingernail Clipper Ss

Toolworx Cuticle Nipper 1/2"

Tweezerman Stork Scissors

Cotton Swab 3" 500 Ct

Cnd Glossing Block

Cnd Kanga File

Cnd Shellac - Clearly Pink - .25 Oz

Cnd Almond Moisture Scrub - 3.4 Oz

Cnd Outblack Padded File

Cnd Almond Illuminating Masque - 2.5 Oz

Cnd Solar Oil - 4 Oz

Cnd Blizzard File

Cotton Coil 375 Perm Pak

Cotton Coil 1200 Ft

Cnd Shellac Decadence - .25 Oz

Tweezerman Folding Nail Clipper

Cnd Shellac Uv Top Coat - .5 Oz

Cotton Coil 500 Ft

Cnd Stickey Base Coat - .33 Oz

Cnd Scentsations Mango & Coconut Lotion - 8.3 Oz

Cnd Hot Shot File

Cnd Scrub Fresh - 32 Oz

Cnd Shellac Uv Base Coat - .42 Oz

Cnd Shellac Midnight Swim .25oz

Cnd Marine Cooling Masque - 75 Oz

Cnd-cucumber Heel Therapy-15oz

Cnd Shellac Tutti Frutti - .25 Oz

Cnd- Super Shiney Top Coat 2.3 Fl Oz

Cnd Almond Illuminating Masque - 27 Oz

Tweezerman Comfort Callus Shaver And Rasp

Cnd Brisa Sculpting Gel- Pure White Opaque - .5 Oz

Cnd Almond Milk Bath - 8 Oz

Toolworx Straight Edge Clipper

Cnd Girlfriend Buffer

Cnd Cool Blue - 8 Oz

Cnd Brisa Intro Pack

Cnd Koala Buffer

Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel

Nail Tech's Choice 2x2 200ct

Cnd Almond Milk Bath - 33 Oz

Tweezerman Chrome Deluxe Cuticle Scissors

Cnd Shellac Asphalt - .25 Oz

Cnd Shellac Fedora - .25 Oz

Cnd Super Shiney Top Coat .33 Fl Oz

Cnd Almond Soothing Creme - 2.6 Oz

Tweezerman Pedro Callus Stone

Earloop Face Mask- Blue (50)

Cnd Shellac Limeade .25oz

Cnd Proseries Sculpting Brush - Gel Flat Oval #6

Cnd Marine Salt Scrub - 18 Oz

Cnd Shellac Beau - .25 Oz

Graham 2x2 Nonwoven Wipe 200ct

Tweezerman Pushy And Nail Cleaner

Cnd Shellac Hot Pop Pink - .25 Oz

Cnd Shellac Masquerade - .25 Oz

Cnd Proseries Sculpting Brush - L&p Round #6

Cnd Almond Illuminating Masque - 13.3 Oz

Cnd Citrus Moisture Scrub - 33 Oz

Cnd Escape Intro Pack

Cnd Scentsations Honeysuckle & Grapefruit Lotion - 8.3 Oz

Cnd Shellac Cake Pop .25oz

Cnd Solar Speed Spray - 4 Oz

Cnd Shellac Red Baroness - .25 Oz

Toolworx Nail Scissor

Tweezerman Barrel Spring Toenail Nipper

Cnd Proseries Sculpting Brush - L&p Round #10

Amber Pellon Cotton Roll - 25 Yd

Amber Pellon Cotton Roll - 100 Yd

Cnd Sea Serum - 8 Oz

Cnd Brisa Sculpting Gel- Neutral Pink Semi-sheer - .5 Oz

Cnd Shellac Grapefruit Sparkle .25oz

Toolworx Acrylic Nipper

Cnd Citrus Moisture Scrub - 2.8 Oz

Amber Pellon Cotton - 5 Yd

Cnd Shellac Strawberry Smoothie - .25 Oz

Cnd Earth Hydrating Lotion - 8 Oz

Cnd Speedey Top Coat .5 Fl Oz

Cnd Antique Bronze Pigment Effect Additive .12oz

Cnd Brisa Bond Gel - .25 Oz

Cnd Citrus Hydrating Lotion - 33 Oz

Cnd-sea Scrub-77oz

Tweezerman Deluxe Cuticle Scissors

Cnd Shellac Cocoa - .25 Oz

Cnd Shellac Azure Wish .25oz

Cnd Shellac Negligee - .25 Oz

Cnd Nail Fresh - 1 Oz

Cnd Solar Oil - .125 Oz 40 Pack

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper

Toolworx Double Spring Nipper

Cnd Citrus Milk Bath - 8 Oz

Toolworx Hidden Spring Nipper

Cotton Roll 1lb 12" Wide

Cnd Shellac Gotcha - .25 Oz

Cnd Citrus Soothing Creme - 2.6 Oz

Cnd Scentsations Birch & Mint Lotion - 8.3 Oz

Cnd Citrus Moisture Scrub - 15.7 Oz

Cnd Marine Cooling Masque - 19.5 Oz

Cnd Shellac Lilac Longing .25oz

Cnd Marine Mineral Bath - 73 Oz

Amber Large Applicators - 100 Pack

Cnd Black Pigment Additive .08oz

Cnd Scentsations Citrus & Green Tea Lotion - 8.3 Oz

Volcanic Pumice Stone

Cnd Citrus Hydrating Lotion - 8 Oz

Cotton Tip Applicator 6" 1000ct

Gauze Pad 12 Ply 4x4 200ct

Cnd Scentsations Lavender & Jojoba Wash - 8.3 Oz

Cnd Formation Tips - Clear - 360 Ct

Cnd Marine Salt Scrub - 75 Oz

Cnd Remover - 32 Oz

Cnd Shellac Faux Fur .25oz

Cnd Effects- Gold Shimmer

Cnd Shellac Grape Gum .25oz

Cnd Shellac Vexed Violette .25oz

Cnd Nail Polish Cream Puff

Cnd Effects Gold Pearl

Cnd Shellac Pink Bikini .25oz

Cnd Green Gold Sparkle Effect Additive .19oz

Cnd Effects Gold Sparkle

Cnd Bright Red Pigment Additive .05oz

Cnd-almond Moisture Scrub-35.3oz

Cnd Brisa Uv Lamp Bulbs - 3 Pack

Toolworx Ss Nail Clipper

Cnd Brisa Paint - Pure White .43 Oz

Cnd Shellac Overtly Onyx .25oz

Cnd Shellac Pretty Poison .25oz

Cnd Retention Sculpting Liquid - 32 Oz

Tweezerman Toe Separator - 2 Pack

Cnd Marine Mineral Bath - 18 Oz

Cnd Performance Tips - White - 100 Ct

Cnd Cerulean Blue Pigment Effect Additive .10oz

Cnd Super Matte Top Coat .33 Fl Oz

Cnd Citrus Illuminating Masque - 13.3 Oz

Cnd Shellac Rock Royalty - .25 Oz

Cnd Enamel Mystere

Cnd Formation Tips - Natural - 360 Ct

Cnd Shellac Hollywood - .25 Oz

Cnd Shellac Black Pool - .25 Oz

Glycolic Applicator 8" 100 Ct

Cnd Shellac Sugared Spice .25oz

Cnd Dampen Dish

Cnd Sea Scrub - 19.5 Oz

Toolworx Corn Planer

Cnd Seale Bond - .5 Oz

Amber Small Applicators - 100 Pack

Cnd Enamel Moroccan Ruby

Gauze Pad 12 Ply 2x2 200ct

Cnd Shellac Lobster Roll .25oz

Spa Simplu Mist Kit 110v

Cnd Haute Pink Pigment Effect Additive .14oz

Cnd Scentsations Wildflower & Chamomile Wash - 8.3 Oz

Cnd Scentsations Black Cherry & Nutmeg Wash - 8.3 Oz

Cnd Citrus Milk Bath - 33 Oz

Cnd Solar Speed Spray - 32 Oz

Cnd Shellac Water Park .25oz

Cnd Scentsations Mango & Coconut Wash - 8.3 Oz

Cnd Pink Gold Sparkle Effect Additive .16oz

Cnd Shellac Iced Cappuccino - .25 Oz

Amber Glass Bowl 3oz

Cnd Enamel Fedora

Creative Nail Polish - Pinks

Cnd Enamel Hollywood

Cnd Nail Prime - .5 Oz

Cnd Scentsations Tangerine & Lemongrass Wash - 8.3 Oz

Cnd Scentsations Birch & Mint Wash - 8.3 Oz

Toolworx Curette Double Angle

Cnd Enamel Beau

Toolworx Corn Planer Ss

Cnd Shellac Burnt Romance .25oz

Cnd Brisa Sculpting Gel- Clear - .5 Oz

Cnd Brisa Gloss Gel Top Coat - .5 Oz

Cnd Medium Green Pigment Additive .12oz

Cnd Shellac Bare Chemise .25oz

Cnd Colour Desert Suede

Cnd Scentsations Peach & Ginseng Wash - 8.3 Oz

Earloop Face Mask 50 Ct

Cnd Solar Oil Display - .5 Oz 16 Pack

Cnd Colour Oilslick

Cnd Colour Eclectic Purple

Cnd Brisa Sculpting Gel - Clear 1.5 Oz

Tweezerman Quick Cut Nail Tip Slicer

Cnd Shellac Dark Dahlia .25oz

Cnd Enamel Negligee

Cnd Shellac Blue Rapture .25oz

Cnd Shellac Bicycle Yellow .25oz

Cnd Scentsations Melon & Jasmine Lotion - 31 Oz

Cnd Super Matte Top Coat - 2.3 Oz

Intrinsics Toe Rope 6" 200 Ct

Cnd Shellac Night Glimmer .25oz

Cnd Shellac Cerulean Sea .25oz

Cnd Shellac Blush Teddy .25oz

Cnd Raw Earth Mini Tote

Cnd Brisa Sculpting Gel - Pure Pink .5 Oz

Cnd Enamel Sheer Contentment

Cnd Perfect Color Sculpting Powder - Pure White 3.7 Oz

Cnd Scentsations Citrus & Green Tea Wash - 8.3 Oz

Cnd Shellac Sultry Sunset .25oz

Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowl Footrest - Espresso

Cnd Scentsations Honeysuckle & Pink Grapefruit Wash - 8.3 Oz

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Nail Scissors

Cnd Shellac Tinted Love .25oz

Cnd Shellac Nude Knickers .25oz

Cnd Shellac Powder My Nose .25oz

Cnd-citrus Illuminating Masque-27oz

Cnd Performance Forms - Clear 300 Ct

Noel Asmar Signature Pedicure Bowl - Onyx

Cnd Shellac Lush Tropics .25oz

Cnd Radical Solar Nail Sculpting Liquid - 32 Oz

Cnd Velocity Tips - Natural - 360 Ct

Cnd Scentsations Cucumber & Aloe Wash - 8.3 Oz

Noel Asmar Classic Pedicure Bowl - Hammered Stainless Steel

Cnd Vinylux- Top Coat 0.5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Cake Pop 0.5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Grapefruit Sparkle 0.5oz

Cnd Shellac Fine Vermilion .25oz

Cnd Shellac Sage Scarf .25oz

Cnd Shellac Nourishing Remover 8oz

Cnd Shellac Steel Gaze .25oz

Cnd Shellac Electric Orange .25oz

Cnd Shellac Desert Poppy .25oz

Cnd Shellac Tango Passion .25oz

Cnd Shellac Locket Love .25oz

Cnd Retention Sculpting Liquid - 16 Oz

Amber Mani/pedi Stone Set

Noel Asmar Treatment Dish - Sweet Pea

Cnd Shellac Clay Canyon .25oz

Cnd Shellac Mint Convertible .25oz

Cnd Vinylux- Strawberry Smoothie 0.5oz

Noel Asmar Signature Pedicure Bowl - Bahamas

Cnd Shellac Satin Pajamas .25oz

Cnd Shellac Sun Bleached .25oz

Cnd Violet Pearl Pigment Effect Additive .18oz

Cnd Vinylux- Locket Love 0.5oz

Cnd Perfect Color Sculpting Powder - Natural .7 Oz

Cnd Spectrum Shimmer Effect Additive .14oz

Cnd Shellac Nourishing Remover 32oz

Noel Asmar Signature Pedicure Bowl - Fiji

Noel Asmar Treatment Dish - Onyx

Cnd Shellac Crimson Sash .25oz

Cnd Titanium Pearl Pigment Effect Additive .11oz

Noel Asmar Manicure Bowl - Onyx

Cnd Vinylux-romantique 0.5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Plum Paisley .5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Sultry Sunset .5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Lush Tropics .5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Dark Lava 0.5oz

Noel Asmar Treatment Dish - Pink

Cnd Yellow Pigment Additive .11oz

Cnd Vinylux- Tango Passion .5oz

Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowl Footrest - Frost

Cnd Vinylux-wildfire 0.5oz

Noel Asmar Treatment Dish - Mediterranean Blue

Cnd Vinylux-sugared Spice 0.5oz

Cnd Vinylux-hot Pop Pink 0.5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Scarlet Letter 0.5oz

Noel Asmar Manicure Bowl - Espresso

Cnd Vinylux- Crimson Sash .5oz

Cnd Shellac Indigo Frock .25oz

Noel Asmar Manicure Bowl - Mediterranean Blue

Cnd Perfect Color Sculpting Powder- Pure Pink 3.7 Oz

Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowl Footrest - Pink

Cnd Vinylux- Asphalt 0.5oz

Cnd Vinylux-cream Puff 0.5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Rose Brocade .5oz

Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowl Footrest - Onyx

Noel Asmar Manicure Bowl - Pink

Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowl Footrest - Sweet Pea

Cnd Vinylux- Cerulean Sea .5oz

Cnd Vinylux Sage Scarf - .5oz

Cnd Shellac Rose Brocade .25oz

Cranberry Hand & Body Lotion 8.3 Oz

Cnd Shellac Mother Of Pearl - .25 Oz

Cnd Vinylux-studio White 0.5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Beau 0.5oz

Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowl Footrest - Mediterranean Blue

Noel Asmar Manicure Bowl - Sweet Pea

Noel Asmar Manicure Bowl - Frost

Cnd Vinylux- Overtly Onyx 0.5oz

Noel Asmar Signature Pedicure Bowl - Sweet Pea

Wildflower & Chamomile Hand & Body Lotion 8.3 Oz

Cnd Vinylux- Masquerade 0.5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Indigo Frock .5oz

Noel Asmar Treatment Dish - Espresso

Cnd Vinylux Clay Canyon -.5oz

Cnd Vinylux Mint Convertible -.5oz

Cnd Vinylux Sun Bleached - .5oz

Cnd Vinylux Desert Poppy - .5oz

Noel Asmar Treatment Dish - Frost

Cnd Vinylux- Rouge Red 0.5oz

Cnd Dazzling Dance Duo Kit

Dukal Nail Brush

Retention Plus 8 Oz

Cnd Chiffon Twirl Duo Kit

Cnd Grand Gala Duo Kit

Cnd Scentsations Crushed Amber Lotion 8.3oz

Toolworx Cuticle Pusher 5 1/2"

Toolworx Cuticle Pusher 5"

Cnd Brisa Lite Removable Top Coat - .5oz

Cnd Vinylux- Fine Vermilion .5oz

Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowl Carry Case

Cnd Brisa Lite Removable Sculpting Gel Neutral Pink- Semi Sheer - .5oz

Cnd Scentsations Gilded Blossom Lotion 8.3oz

Cnd Additives Holiday Collection

Cnd Brisa Lite Removable Base Coat- .5oz

Dukal Wood Manicure Sticks 4.5" X 3/4" 144ct

Cnd Brisa Lite Removable Scuplting Gel Clear - .5oz

Cnd Solaroil Minis 40pk

Cnd Additives Paradise Collection 2014

Cnd Nail Creme Colour - Neutrals

Cnd Vinylux Holiday Guilded Dreams Pop

Cnd Nail Creme Colour - Reds

Pedigenix System Starter Kit

Cnd Nail Creme Colour - Whites

Spamanicure Almond Intro Pack

Pedigenix Daily Foot Cleanser Bottle - 4oz

Pedigenix Deoderizing Liquid Powder Tube - 4oz

Pedigenix Exfoliating Creme Tube - 4oz

Pedigenix Daily Foot Moisturizer Bottle - 4oz

Cnd Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel - .5oz