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*This Pack of 28 pair is a random mix of the 6 colors (Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Black & White) 

FLAPPERS™ are the world's first truly one-size-fits-all disposable slippers.

FLAPPERS™ adjust from a men's size 12 to a women's size 6. Simply tear the perforations at the heels and toes to fit the individual's foot size.

FLAPPERS™ patented perforation, skid resistant sole and lining allow for a SAFE, and COMFORTABLE fit for everyone. Practical and fashionable,
FLAPPERS™ also assures safety when walking on wet or slippery surfaces and insulate feet from hot surfaces such as pavement, sand, decking or concrete. In addition, FLAPPERS™ are waterproof and virtually eliminate fungal infections in common areas such as showers, saunas or pools.

FLAPPERS™ are the revolutionary slipper that is taking the Spa, Salon and resort industries by storm. Wouldn't your guests LOVE to have their own NEW pair of hygienic slippers as opposed to a USED SANITIZED SLIPPER? Having their own individual slippers helps assure peace of mind. Long after your guests leave for home, their
FLAPPERS™ will be a fun memento of their visit and remind them of your facility when making future plans.

FLAPPERS™ one-size-fits-all slippers will SAVE YOU MONEY! Think of all the time you will save (which is equivalent to money) by not having to sterilize, stock and inventory different size slippers for your guests.

FLAPPERS™ patented skid-resistant sole and lining will help protect your liability while providing your guests the safest and most comfortable disposable slipper on the market today.



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