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*This case of 10 pair includes 2 pair in each of the 5 colors (Orange, Green, Pink, Blue & White)

Need a pedicure for a night on the town but don't have time to visit a salon? FLAPPERS™ Pedi-Packs are here to the rescue!

In addition to our standard flappers, the Pedi-Packs include color-coordinated toe separators, nail file, nail brush, and cuticle stick. Everything you need to give you that professional salon pedicure look - right in your home or office. Perfect for the women on the go, FLAPPERS™ Pedi-Packs are lightweight and perfect for traveling.

Some states are now requiring salons to provide individual implements to the consumer when receiving a pedicure. With FLAPPERS™ Pedi-Packs, the concern is gone!!! Save time and $$$ by sterilizing your pedicure implements and let us provide you with the tools you need, when you need them.

FLAPPERS™ adjust from a men's size 12 to a women's size 6. Simply tear the perforations at the heels and toes to fit the individual's foot size.



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