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At Peace Media The Art of Hot Stone Facials DVD
At Peace Media The Art of Hot Stone Facials DVD
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Discover the thermogenic and energetic benefits of hot stones. View hands-on demonstrations taught by world-class professionals. This DVD features up-close video footage of facial protocols including massage strokes and stone manipulation accompanied by expert narration. Learn how to create a healthy, relaxing and therapeutic hot stone facial experience for your clients that will keep them coming back to you for more.


~ How to create the ultimate, therapeutic
hot stone facial.
~ Basic equipment, set-up and supplies
required to perform hot stone facials.
~ Thermogenic benefits, history and specific
~ Facial protocols including skin preparation
and how to use booties, mitts and chakra
~ Proper handling of the hot stones –
including appropriate temperature and the
most efficient layout.
~ Best stones to use for facials – including
size and shape – and which stones best
conduct and hold heat or cold.

~ Massage strokes using hot stones for head, neck, shoulders, hands and arms.
~ Care and cleaning of the stones.

Hydrotherapy and the application of heat to the body to produce therapeutic effects can be traced to ancient times. The application of hot stones during a facial adds a medium for the application of heat and/or cold to the body. The combination of heat from the pairs of stones and the gentle massage action of your hands will relieve stress and headaches and produce a soothing state of relaxation and well being – both for you and your clients.



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